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The careers marketplace that values mums.

Being a mum is a career advantage. When your skills and career experiences are optimised you bring businesses the competitive advantage they seek. Every mum in Australia should have access to the career she chooses when she chooses it.

Build your profile and when jobs are posted that match what you’re looking for, we will bring them to you.

Do you work with mums or hiring managers?

Motherhood should not be a career disadvantage

Mums have plenty to offer workplaces. The transition to motherhood unlocks new skills, new ways of perceiving the environment and an ability to be confident in making tough decisions. We envision a world where becoming a mum is a career advantage. We see a world where mums’ skills are optimised instead of weakened. We aim for a world where hiring a mum is considered advantageous in the workplace. Join the mum advantage mission 2030 to reverse the motherhood penalty and turn mothers who work into an advantage.

Activate the mission

If you have a coaching business that empowers and supports mums, partner with MumbleMe and add “The Mum Advantage 2030” mission to your services offering and deepen your message this audience.
Become a Mum Activator
Community Influencers
Influencing a community is a significant role in the community. If you successfully lead and empower communities that target mums, “The Mum Advantage 2030” mission is a message you can lead with.
Become a Mum Activator
Business Networks
Businesses of all sizes are looking for diversity and skilled talent. You can activate “The Mum Advantage 2030” mission by referring your business community to post their job opportunities to on the MumbleMe platform.
Become a Job Activator
HR Consultants and Advisors
There is a significant opportunity to impact employers when designing jobs and optimising their workforce. “The Mum Advantage 2030” mission is about repositioning mums' skills and experience to unlock competitive advantage when they hire a mum.
Become a Job Activator
MumbleMe can enhance your networks by increasing the numbers of candidates or job opportunities you can access. Whether you focus on an industry or type of candidate “The Mum Advantage 2030” mission is an opportunity to encourage hiring manager to consider innovative job designs and reposition candidates who have been traditionally overlooked.
Become a Mum and Job Activator
Small and Medium Sized Businesses
Mums can be a great addition to your small business especially if you’re able to provide remote and flexible working arrangements. Activating “The Mum Advantage 2030” mission means that when you post job opportunities on MumbleMe you’re thinking about how you design the job, application and interview experience for mums so you’re getting the best possible outcome when spending time attracting them as candidates.
Post a Job
Large Companies
Hiring managers from large companies can post vacancies on the MumbleMe platform. You can also activate “The Mum Advantage 2030” mission by setting up a company page on our marketplace so that mums can express their interest in working for your brand. We can then work with you regarding the best way to consider them to be a part of your team.
Set up a Company Page
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If you're a business needing to hire:

Your next flexible role is just a click away

A note to mums

You're free to progress your career.

We don’t charge mums at any stage of this process. We want to be a part of the gender pay gap solution, not charge you for it.

Whether you are working or looking to return to work, we understand the uphill battle you face. Finding roles that fit your schedule, figuring out how to apply for the roles in a way you can stand out, then being confident in the interview process can feel like a pipe dream.

Now you have someone advocating for you and affecting how you are perceived. You can be confident about securing that next career opportunity.

No matter what stage of motherhood or career you’re in, now is the time for working mothers to take back control of their careers. We give you the freedom to be bold about what flexibility and success in the workplace means to you.

Anita stands smiling in denim jacket and floral dress while Jess sits in Purple dress smiling

MumbleMe acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land where we work and live. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.