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Women together thrive. As we share, connect and inspire one another, we allow ourselves to heal. When we raise each other up, magic happens. After the 2020 events saw an increase of separation in the community and an increase in pressure on women/mothers to juggle it all, Mira Claudia experienced and saw the steep increased rates of anxiety, overwhelm and burn out in women around her.  Driven by a desire to create a different experience for women, Mira founded her_TRYBE, now Origin Woman Network, a community and space for women to feel seen, heard, loved, supported, energised and inspired.

Helping women create real change in their life, leading them out of overwhelm and selft doubt to great fulfillment

Mira’s mission, to re-create a true sense of community through facilitating women’s circles and events for women to support them in life and business.  In just under 3 years, Mira has run over 30 events, which has been attended by over 600 women and has a growing online facebook community of over 750 women.

A respected storyteller with a natural gift for words, who leaves you feeling truly understood.

As a mindset and confidence coach, Mira’s developed the pathway to coach and uplift other women from the clutches of overwhelm and self-doubt, guiding them to uncover their strengths and authentic self.

With a heart devoted to empowering others, Mira Claudia coaches women one-on-one, as well as leaders and small teams, resulting in significant impacts in not just their lives, but the lives of those around them.

Having worked with hundreds of women, Mira know’s the most common challenges women face in their careers and life are:

  • Impostor syndrome
  • Lacking confidence and trust in themselves
  • Constant and debilitating overwhelm
  • People-pleasing and difficulty with setting boundaries 

She has curated the key steps to help women overcome these challenges and take the action needed to further develop their career, business and relationships. 

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One-on-One Strengths Coaching:

Have you list sight of your strengths and value in your career? Overcome career uncertainty and get clarity on the types of roles and jobs that will feel rewarding, fulfilling and meet your needs as a mother with our strengths-focused coaching. Uncover your unique talents, boost your self confidence to pivot your career, and find your most rewarding role.

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