Support for mums: Reflect Coaching

Divorce is hard, messy, painful but you don’t need to navigate it alone. There is support to ease you through the overwhelm, point out the important things you might otherwise not consider, empower & educate you to communicate and negotiate, connect you with a team of like minded professionals, help you determine your best course of action and build with you a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for yourself and your family.

The coach no-one wants to need

This a unique, bespoke personalised service where you are holistically supported through one of life’s most challenging events – relationship breakdown, separation, divorce and reorganising your family afterwards. In a confidential 1:1 experience, you are offered deep emotional support, objective practical advice and strategies to move yourself forward to a resolution of your divorce. And a new version of life after.

Free resources for you

I’ve been there ahead of you so I know on a personal level what you’re experiencing. I have also coached so many others through a system they find alien, confusing and overwhelming. I get it and can guide you.

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